IT strategy, planning & management

If your organisation needs help planning for IT investment into the future, look no further than webinars presented by Connecting Up.
Training for IT strategy, planning and management

Digital transformation course

Take a course in tech strategy and management that will help you chart a path for your organisation.

Develop an understanding of the reasons to develop an IT Strategy, how to go about it and where to start.

Presented by Connecting Up, this 12-week webinar program features 9 hours of instruction supplemented by 12 hours of homework and is suitable for senior management and IT admin in any not-for-profit and community organisation without an adequate plan for investments in IT.

The topics covered include:

  • Why the need for an IT Strategy, and how digital transformation can assist organisations
  • Options to create an IT Strategy
  • What needs to be covered in your IT Strategy
  • What doesn’t need to be covered
  • How we go about the process
  • The cost and scholarship process
  • Get you started with first step in developing your Digital Transformation – IT Strategy

IT strategy on a plate course

Digital disruption is no longer an innovation of the future, it has occurred. Having an efficient, secure and reliable IT system in your organisation has never been more important. But an IT strategy developed by a consultant can cost anywhere between $20,000 and $80,000 (or more), which is beyond the reach of most not-for-profit organisations.

Connecting Up's IT Strategy on a Plate course is an affordable methodology for creating a detailed, effective IT Strategy for an organisation. It guides NFPs through the development of an affordable and effective digital transformation strategy for their organisation within a consultative educational framework.

This 12-week course consists of 6 fortnightly webinars running for 1.5 hours each. Each webinar includes a comprehensive presentation, group discussion and exercises. The slides, video recordings, templates and homework will be available after each session.

Through consultation and coaching, the course and its trainers will guide participants to develop a comprehensive IT Strategy for their not-for-profit, which includes:

  • Understanding the business strategy and the level of sophistication in IT that the business strategy requires.
  • Identifying the business processes of the organisation at a high level.
  • What systems are typically required to support these processes.
  • What infrastructure is required to underpin the business systems.
  • What support is required to manage the infrastructure and business system.
  • Creating heat maps for the systems, infrastructure and support on current systems in place at the organisation.
  • Creating a narrative around the heat maps.
  • Reviewing current IT trends and what opportunities these present for the NFP.
  • Determining the priorities of resultant digital transformation projects.
  • Estimating the investment associated with the digital transformation required.