Microsoft Excel End User Training Options

When it comes to free and low cost user training for MS Excel, you're spoiled for choice.
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We’ve listed below our favorite Microsoft Excel resources to help you find what you need, including content from:

Our favourite Excel timesavers include creating and editing workbooks, working with formulas, sharing and collaboration including password protection, importing and analysing data – and you can find training on all these elements below. 

Microsoft content includes:

  1. Getting started: 5 lessons of free content that helps you to create a workbook, save your workbook to OneDrive, analyse and format, collaborate and more.
  2. Creating a new workbook: 7 lessons of free content that takes you through inserting, deleting, moving or copying a worksheet or worksheet data, printing a worksheet or workbook, using Excel as a calculator, filling in data automatically in worksheet cells and creating a dropdown list.
  3. Collaboration: 5 lessons of free content including sharing a document; real-time co-authoring; protecting your workbook and adding or removing passwords from workbooks.
  4. Formulas and functions: Free content that takes you from creating, displaying and hiding formulas to adding and counting Excel data.
  5. Importing and Analysing: 8 lessons of free content including importing data from external sources, refreshing an external data connection.
  6. QuickStart Guide: A free simple, quick guide to get you started with navigation, sharing, views, status, toolbar, styles, co-authoring and sharing.

Other content:

  1. TechSoup's Excel course: 6.5 hours of low cost content starting with the basics including editing and formatting text, designing worksheets, using formulas and functions.
  2. Kevin Stratvert’s Excel playlist: 83 free videos which we really like that show you how to create pivot tables, shortcuts, sum function, manipulating columns/rows and a whole lot more!
  3. Teacher’s Tech playlist: 27 free videos in the beginner's tutorials that demonstrate using formulas and functions, summing, counting, splitting and combining cells.
  4. GCF Global Excel tutorials: 49 free videos to cover you from getting started, OneDrive, creating and opening workbooks, saving and sharing workbooks, modifying rows, columns and cells, creating formulas, sorting and filtering data.

Know of any other useful content we should include? Let us know here.

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