Microsoft PowerPoint End User Training Options

When it comes to free and low cost user training for MS PowerPoint, you're spoiled for choice.
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We’ve listed below our favorite Microsoft PowerPoint resources to help you find what you need, including content from:

Our favorite PowerPoint timesavers include creating slides and layouts using tables, texts, working with pictures, graphics, animations, video and audio – and you can find training on all these elements below. 

Microsoft content includes:

  1. Getting started: 6 free lessons to teach you how to design, share, collaborate and present using PowerPoint.
  2. Collaborating: 9 free lessons to show you how to save and share, work together and track changes.
  3. Designing: 23 free lessons with content covering templates, backgrounds and themes, headers and footers and watermarks.
  4. Animations: 21 free lessons on animations and transitions; including the use of audio and video.
  5. Pictures and charts: 18 free lessons to teach you how to add charts, pictures and tables to enhance your presentations.
  6. Presenting: 10 free lessons to prepare your presentation and print it.
  7. Slides and text: 14 free lessons to work with slides and text in your presentations.

Other interesting content:

  1. PowerPoint course: A low cost 3-part course for you to learn how to create powerful and compelling presentations.
  2. Simon Sez IT: 4 hours of free training covering everything you need to know including templates, tips and best practices, slide layouts including themes and backgrounds, background images and overlays.
  3. Teacher’s Tech playlist: 9 free videos that demystify PowerPoint; from a basic introduction to working with slide master, converting Microsoft Word to a PowerPoint in seconds to adding background music to your presentation.
  4. GCF Global PowerPoint tutorials: 16 free videos including information on working with PowerPoint, slide basics, inserting pictures, audio and formatting.

Know of any other useful content we should include? Let us know here.

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