Microsoft Teams End User Training Options

When it comes to free and low cost user training for MS Teams, you're spoiled for choice.
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We’ve listed below our favorite Microsoft Teams resources to help you find what you need, including content from:

All our favorite Teams timesavers are covered, including joining someone else's Teams meeting and creating/scheduling your own in our great resources listed below.

Microsoft content includes:

  1. Meetings: 11 free lessons to help you join, schedule and participate meetings. Learn how to record meetings, set up live events and all about webinars.
  2. Chat: 20 free lessons covering everything from emojis to sending and receiving files, read receipts and chat in meetings.
  3. Notifications and settings: 8 free lessons to show you how to manage your notifications. Find out about activity feeds and change your notification style.
  4. Teams and channels: 11 free lessons explaining how to create, manage and join teams and everything you need to know about channels.
  5. Calls and devices: 13 free lessons to help you make and manage calls.
  6. Files: 10 free lessons outlining how to download, manage, collaborate or rename files.

Other interesting content:

  1. TechSoup's Teams for Nonprofits - Collaboration Tools: 4 hours of low-cost training that helps you setup and run live events, participate in conversations, like or save important ones, tag specific people and edit files added to conversations.
  2. Teacher's Tech MS Teams playlist20 minutes of free content. Meet, call and collaborate in one place, no matter your physical location. Set up a Teams with channels, add members to a team and learn how to chat and video conference.
  3. Kevin Stratvert's MS Teams in under 10 minutes: 10 minutes of great free content. A step by step tutorial to show you how to use MS Teams to meet, chat and collaborate with others.

Know of any other useful content we should include? Let us know here.

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