Achieving advanced digital marketing

Advanced level digital marketing is a worthwhile goal for many not-for-profits.
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Achieving advanced-level digital marketing is a worthwhile goal for many not-for-profits. The trick is to gather the right data effectively and use it to tailor your efforts. It's also about integrating your digital marketing strategies so they are all connecting, which will save time and effort in the long run.

In broad terms, advanced digital marketing can be broken down into five main areas:


  • You actively monitor website engagement and refine what you are doing to improve engagement and search engine rankings. You appear on the first page of relevant search results and attract a lot of visitors to your site who engage well. 
  • You can take donations and connect to other digital services you might offer such as a shop or member services area in a seamless way.

Email marketing

  • Your email marketing strategy and content strategy has been developed to align with your website and social media marketing strategies.
  • You track user engagement and content interest to prioritise content development and engage more effectively with supporters.

Social media

  • You engage with large, active online communities through social media who actively and measurably help achieve your mission. 

Events management

  • Your events are sophisticated, and as well as having a system to manage each event effectively including advertising, communicating, tickets and payments, you can connect data with other systems. 


  • You use a sophisticated system, such as a CRM, to track contacts and engagement across multiple platforms (social, events, email, donations, etc), and have explored mobile fundraising and crowdfunding options.

  • You have a large group of donors who support you regularly and you understand them well. You know how to expand your reach.

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