Microsoft 365 not-for-profit program

Microsoft offers discounts for eligible not-for-profits on its MS 365 suite of products - find out how to qualify.
Microsoft 365 not-for-profit program

Microsoft 365 is a suite of cloud-based subscription services that includes widely-used Microsoft Office products. It’s a comprehensive and widely-used work platform that allows client organisations to perform most computing tasks within a single software framework.

Not-for-profit organisations can purchase discount subscriptions to MS 365 through Connecting Up. 

Is your organisation eligible?

Before getting started, it’s worth checking that your organization meets Microsoft’s eligibility criteria for nonprofits. Your eligibility will be assessed when you apply for the program.

What plans are available?

Read through the Microsoft 365 plans available for nonprofits. Both donated and discounted Microsoft 365 plans are available and understanding these plans will give you a good foundation to explore Microsoft’s other cloud licences. Connecting Up often runs introductory 365 webinars.

What about other plans, such as cloud subscription plans?

If you are interested in other plans (e.g. Office 365 Enterprise licensing), explore the catalogue. If you can’t find a licence that you need (e.g. Windows 10 Enterprise) or need assistance understanding the offers available to you, you can book a free consultation with Connecting Up. Connecting Up will help identify suitable licences for you and walk you through the application process.

How to apply to Microsoft for their NFP program

  1. Sign in to your Connecting Up account and go here
  2. Click ‘Continue to Microsoft Nonprofit Portal’. Doing this will allow Connecting Up to email you further instructions as you proceed with your application with Microsoft.
  3. Register your organisation on the Microsoft Nonprofit portal.
  4. Once you have registered, Microsoft will work with Connecting Up to validate your organisation for the program. If you are approved, Microsoft will email you to let you know.
  5. Once you have been approved, you can follow the email instructions from Connecting Up to request licensing via the TechSoup cloud manager. If you need assistance placing an order, you can contact Connecting Up for support. If you manage your own IT, you can also purchase/apply licenses yourself, or your technology partner can manage your licences.
  6. Once you have placed your order, your licences will be available for you to administer on your Microsoft 365 administrator account.

Note: You can apply for the Microsoft 365 program, be approved and explore the Microsoft 365 environment using free licenses to get a better understanding of what it offers. without migrating your email or files to 365. 

Contact Connecting Up if you experience problems or have questions, or if you need a partner to help set things up.

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