IT Management

IT Management

Digital strategy/planning, governance, budgeting, run activities and disaster recovery/business continuity

Basic Capability

We are in the early stages of developing our capability and have improvements to make. We likely:

  • Aren't maximising value from our IT budget and minimise IT spend where possible
  • Focus our IT efforts on fixing things when they break
  • Have most (but perhaps not all) of our critical infrastructure (servers, routers etc) covered by warranty with a reasonable response time.

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Intermediate Capability

We have the fundamentals under control that meet the key needs of the organisation, but further improvements are possible. We likely:

  • Have an IT plan and budget for the next 12 months or more
  • Know how our IT spend compares to similar organisations, and how it can improve
  • Measure staff satisfaction with IT services, and plan to fix key issues
  • Have a disaster recovery plan that’s been tested in the past 24 months.

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Advanced Capability

Our IT management and governance work very well, deliver value and support us to achieve our mission. We:

  • Have a 3-year IT strategy that’s endorsed by the board
  • Are confident we maximise value for our IT spend
  • Have staff who are keen to innovate and use technology well and a management team who see IT as a key partner
  • Have a tested business continuity plan in case of system failures and outages.

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How ready are you?

Spend a few minutes to know how ready your organisation is to move to the cloud. This will help you understand what materials below will be on most valuable as you chart your own path to digital transformation.

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Cerebral Palsy Network

Read how the network has become more efficient and increased their reach through a comprehensive IT strategy.

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