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Do you need to raise awareness to expand who you serve, increase your volunteers and/or raise more funds? Do you need more targeted messaging to serve a diverse array of stakeholders? If any of these are true, then improving your digital marketing capabilities can help.

Basic Capability

We are in the early stages of developing our capability and have improvements to make. We likely:

  • Have a website, but it needs a good rebuild
  • Have started to use social media, albeit inconsistently and haven’t seen significant value from our efforts
  • Can take donations through our website, but don’t leverage this effectively.

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Intermediate Capability

We have the fundamentals under control that meet the key needs of the organisation, but further improvements are possible. We likely:

  • Have a responsive, engaging website that attracts clients and supporters
  • Use email marketing effectively to engage with stakeholders and track outcomes from our efforts
  • Use social media well and track the outcomes from our efforts
  • Engage our supporters effectively to strengthen our donor pipeline and are successful in our grant applications.

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Advanced Capability

Our digital marketing processes and systems work very well, deliver value and support us to achieve our mission. We likely:

  • Actively monitor website, social media and EDM engagement to refine and improve the value of our efforts
  • Leverage Google Ad-Grants and appear in the first page of relevant searches
  • Use a sophisticated CRM or similar system to track contact with our significant supporter base.

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How ready are you?

Spend a few minutes to know how ready your organisation is to move to the cloud. This will help you understand what materials below will be on most valuable as you chart your own path to digital transformation.

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Learn how Redkite transformed their financial assistance program from a paper-based process to a seamless digital service.

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Google Ad Grants for not-for-profits
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DIY user testing on a budget 
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How to find and write successful grant applications
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