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Facilitating staff collaboration and allowing the opportunity to work productively and access information anytime anywhere by improving your technology functions.

Basic Capability

We are in the early stages of developing our capability and have improvements to make. We likely:

  • Don't fully utilise a not-for-profit collaboration platform (365 or Google Workspace)
  • Have older, unreliable or slow equipment
  • Can't easily work at home, on the road or out of the office
  • Often use email attachments to share information.

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Intermediate Capability

We have the fundamentals under control that meet the key needs of the organisation, but we recognise further improvements are possible:

  • Staff are happy with our technology, information sharing and collaboration environment
  • We utilise a not-for-profit collaboration platform like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace well
  • Our equipment is reliable, supports staff in their work and is well supported
  • Staff can readily access information and work wherever they are.

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Advanced Capability

Our equipment and collaboration infrastructure are reliable, cost effective and future-proof:

  • We utilise a non-profit collaboration platform like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace very well
  • Staff and management are highly satisfied
  • Information and documents/files are easy to find and well organised
  • Staff can readily access information, take phone calls and work collaboratively anywhere.

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How ready are you?

Spend a few minutes to know how ready your organisation is to move to the cloud. This will help you understand what materials below will be on most valuable as you chart your own path to digital transformation.

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Hear how moving to the cloud has created more secure and efficient collaboration.

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What are tech foundations?
What are tech foundations?
Tech foundations cover the core tech components allowing staff to share information and collaborate effectively.
An introduction to cloud computing: a modern guide
An introduction to cloud computing
Cloud technology continues to revolutionize how organisations operate, offering unprecedented flexibility and efficiency. Understand what cloud computing is and how it can propel your organisation forward.
Cloud collaboration
Choosing Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace
Choosing the right NFP collaboration platform will enable your staff & provide foundations for the future
Google for Nonprofits
Google for Nonprofits discount program
Google for Nonprofits provides free tools to charities and not-for-profit organisations - find out how to access it.
Microsoft 365 not-for-profit program
Microsoft 365 not-for-profit program
Microsoft offers discounts for eligible not-for-profits on its MS 365 suite of products - find out how to qualify.
What every not-for-profits should expect from Google Workspace
What every not-for-profits should expect from Google Workspace
With Google Workspace, not-for-profits have a viable alternative to MS 365.
What every not-for-profit should expect from Microsoft 365
What every not-for-profit should expect from Microsoft 365
Microsoft’s Office 365 suite gathers together a powerful array of cloud-based tools. Here's what to expect from them.
Hardware, software & telecommunications
Discounted hardware, software, and digital services for not-for-profits
Connecting Up supports not-for-profit organisations by offering a variety of discounted new and refurbished hardware and software. In today’s digital-first environment, it's essential to stay updated with the latest tech to enhance your organisation's imp
Connecting to the internet
Choosing the right internet connection for your NFP
In this guide, you'll find actionable tips and advice to help you choose the best internet for your NFP.
Choosing the right computer
Guide to purchasing computers
Whether you’re replacing one computer or a whole office-full, it’s important to match the new device to your staff and operational needs.
Tech solutions enabling remote work
Enabling remote work
Cloud computing offers not-for-profits a cost effective, sustainable way for staff to work remotely.
Training options for Microsoft Office products
Microsoft Office product training for not-for-profits
Master the Microsoft Suite and elevate your team’s productivity with free and low cost training and tutorials
Best-practice information storage and management
Effective file storage and management practices for your not-for-profit
There is no magic formula or template for the perfect file storage system. The secret is to figure out a system that works for your organisation. Here are nine best-practice tips to optimise file management.
Microsoft Forms for your non-for-profit
Surveys, quizzes and polls are great ways for not-for-profits to measure satisfaction and collect feedback to improve client and staff satisfaction. They help to capture information from clients, donors, and employees and to visualise and share it. 
Achieving intermediate level tech foundations
Achieving intermediate tech foundations
We recommend every not-for-profit aim for intermediate capability across the eight tech foundations categories.
MS 365 and cloud training for administrators
Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace cloud training
Empowering not-for-profit managers, leaders and IT administrators
Getting started with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Using a cloud service like AWS can help cut costs by avoiding the purchase of expensive tech equipment i.e. servers.
Advanced AWS resources to guide your cloud journey
You have done your investigation and have decided that AWS is for you.
Achieving advanced level tech foundations
Achieving advanced tech foundations for not-for-profits
If technology is a key enabler for your organisation, striving for advanced tech foundations capability can make a lot of sense and help your staff to work more efficiently wherever they are.
Maintaining advanced level tech foundations
Maintaining advanced tech foundations
Technology systems and platforms are constantly evolving, and so should your organisation - here's some advice on how.