Achieving intermediate tech foundations

We recommend every not-for-profit aim for intermediate capability across the eight tech foundations categories.
Achieving intermediate level tech foundations

Achieving these capabilities provides staff with a productive, intuitive environment through which they can collaborate, share information and work anywhere. This is well within the reach of every non-profit.

PCs and other personal devices (phones, tablets, etc)

  • Staff have reliable PCs that support them effectively
  • An accurate PC list is maintained and used to budget for replacement on a regular cycle (every 3-5 years)
  • PC problems are fixed in an agreed, reasonable timeframe
  • The vast majority of staff have the PC skills they need for their roles.

Emails and calendars

  • Non-profit version of Office 365, Google Workspace or similar is used consistently across the organisation, allowing staff to intuitively and securely access email and calendars
  • The availability of staff, rooms and cars is easily viewed to minimise booking conflicts.

File sharing

  • Non-profit version of Office 365, Google Workspace or similar is used, allowing staff to store files in personal areas as well as shared spaces to allow collaboration
  • Files can be easily accessed out of the office and synchronised for offline work
  • Most staff can use the systems well and can easily locate, share and collaborate on files.

Network infrastructure

  • Staff have reliable, fast access to wifi, core systems and internet at all locations.

Servers and user authentication

  • Servers (if they are used) are reliable, meet current needs and are well supported.

Telephony and videoconferencing

  • We use a reliable, centrally managed phone system that allows calls to be made and received outside the office
  • Videoconferencing is available for all staff and key rooms have easy-to-use videoconferencing equipment installed.

Group collaboration

  • Effective use is made of a non-profit collaboration tools like Microsoft 365’s SharePoint & Teams or Google Workspace’s Meet, Chat, sites, etc - providing teams with an integrated environment to share files, message instantly, videoconference and manage tasks.

Organisational information

  • Our intranet works well and allows information to be shared across the organisation, including policies, procedures, important news and the like.



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