Digital marketing training for not-for-profits

Developing your digital marketing and fundraising skills can bring new funds to help you achieve even greater impact.
Digital marketing training

In an ever-changing digital landscape, many not-for-profits are expected to do more with less – and digital marketing is a critical channel and component of a not-for-profit strategy to source funds from donors, philanthropists and partners. 

We offer a curated collection of free digital marketing resources, classes and courses designed to elevate your not-for-profit’s digital marketing capabilities and navigate the digital landscape successfully. From understanding Google Analytics to crafting impactful social media strategies for charities, our content covers the spectrum of digital marketing essentials for nonprofits. 

Did you know you can access up to USD$10,000 per month of free search advertising as a nonprofit? Use free AI tools to generate content? 

Peruse the coursework and beginners tutorials available on our Connecting Up platform here including: 

  • Social media strategy development 
  • Leveraging GenerativeAI tools 
  • Boost your not-for-profit funding with Google ad grants 
  • Understanding website traffic with Google Analytics 
  • Using newsletters for digital marketing promotion strategy 

For additional resources, we recommend these handy links: 

Do charities need digital marketing? 

Every charity, no matter what size, should consider whether they need a digital marketing strategy as effective campaigns can significantly enhance your ability to reach and engage with your target audience, raise awareness, and generate support for your cause. 

Digital marketing improves your visibility, via social media, search engines, email and more. These types of advertising channels can offer methods that are far more cost effective than traditional advertising methods. 

Utilising digital marketing platforms and techniques also enables charities to access robust analytics and tracking tools to better understand donor behaviour, measure the effectiveness of campaigns, and make informed decisions to better optimise your strategies. 

Are free digital marketing courses worth it? 

For under-resourced nonprofits, there are many free digital marketing courses, training and tutorials that can help you amplify your impact. Undergoing this training can equip you with the skills to enhance online visibility, engage donors cost-effectively, and conduct successful fundraising campaigns. 

The data from this process can help you make more informed decisions, refine your strategies, and measure your campaign effectiveness. Using social media strategies can enable you to build a community and connect with your supporters directly. 

What do digital marketing courses include? 

Our digital marketing for charities and nonprofits offer a comprehensive range of topics to equip you with the skills needed to navigate the digital landscape effectively and includes understanding website traffic, analytics, social media strategy development, leveraging AI tools, boosting your not-for-profit funding with Google ad grants, newsletters for digital marketing promotion strategies and more. 

How do I access the Google Ad Grant for nonprofits? 

Google offers an incredible Google Ad Grant program for nonprofits. You can learn how to boost your funding by leveraging the Google Ad Grants by accessing our coursework that will guide you through the process of maximising this invaluable resource to support your nonprofit’s mission here

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