Google Ad Grants for not-for-profits

Access Google Ads with a generous grant of USD $10,000 per month
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Google Ads are the text ads that show up in Google search results right at the top. Companies pay for them to appear here through bidding on the keywords that people are searching on, and the top listing will go to the highest bidder.

However, if you have a Google for Nonprofits account you can access Google Ad Grants which will give you USD $10,000 per month (capped at USD $329 per day) to ensure your organisation or campaign appears first when people search the keywords you purchase.

Not-for-profits who are given a grant can manage their own AdWords accounts just as for-profit advertisers do, but there are certain restrictions.
If you need help managing your Google Ad Grants, you can access a discounted Ad Grants management service through Connecting Up.

To learn more about Google Ad Grants access the digital marketing webinars and courses related to Google Ad Grants via the Connecting Up learning management system here

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