Data webinars for an advanced capability level

Improve your data capability skills to maximise your impact.
advanced data capability tools

Data is a powerful tool to help not-for-profits accelerate impact. It enables us to have visibility over our work and insights and provides opportunity to make data-driven strategic plans and outcomes and can support predictive analytics like AI.  

To take advantage of this, it is critical that organisations have built a strong framework and foundation in order to utilise data. This includes having an understanding of how data is being captured, stored and managed, and an organisational-wide plan for embarking on a data maturity journey.  

Over the next few months, we’ll be updating this page with webinars to support your data capability level to help you and your organisation improve your data skills and make a bigger difference for the causes you support.   

Getting started with Microsoft Fabric 

getting started with Microsoft Fabric advanced data

Join Benny and Chris as they guide you through Microsoft Fabric, a comprehensive data analytics platform. Fabric combines new and existing components from services such as Power BI and Azure PaaS. Learn analytics, data integration and AI capabilities all in one platform. 

This course is designed to teach participants: 

  • What is Fabric? 

  • Key features and differentiators 

  • Why choose Microsoft Fabric 

  • How to get started on Fabric 

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PowerApps: Capture NFP data and digitise workflows without coding 

PowerApps nonprofits charities NGOs

This webinar offers an introductory overview of the functionality of Microsoft Power Apps. Participants will learn to develop Power Apps, create workflows, and easily automate processes. The target audience for this webinar includes IT managers and not-for-profit staff who are currently using Microsoft services and are interested in harnessing the power of Microsoft Power Apps.

This course is designed to teach participants:

  • Functionality and capabilities of Microsoft Power Apps
  • Developing Power Apps for various purposes
  • Creating workflows and automating processes using Power Apps

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