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There are a range of systems that can support the delivery of your services, measure your impact or keep your organisation running, the hard part is finding the right one for you!

Good information systems are essential to automate processes and support the capture, storage, and analysis of organisational data. Introducing a new information system's to your organisational processes, can bring great efficiencies in your service delivery, reduce administrative silos and improve the client experience.

One of the most frequently confused systems in the sector are CRM vs CCM.  CRM stands for Customer/Constituent Relationship Management, whereas CCM stands for Client/Case Management.

A CRM is a system that enables an organisation to manage their stakeholders and will typically support essential email marketing, volunteer, member and donation management processes. This article explains the benefits and functionality of a CRM further.

A CCM is quite different It is a system that is used to enhance the care of people (clients). Case Management involves acknowledging trauma and developing strategies to increase a client’s sense of safety, empowerment, connection, choice and control. This article explains the benefits and functionality of a CCM further.

Before exploring systems, it is important to understand your organisation's priorities, existing systems and requirements. It is likely that, without an analysis of your existing services and business systems, these products listed below will not suit your organisation. The Hub recommends reviewing How to choose a new information system and following the four step process, before proceeding.

Listed below are a range of systems that we are aware of that have offered value to a range of not-for-profits. This is not an exhaustive list - our advisory team have a list of 30+ unique systems that may be appropriate for your organisation.

Please reach out to our team and we can discuss the system selection process further. 

Client/case management systems

Client/case management systems are products that are designed to support your caseworkers or counsellors to provide services to people in need and report to funders.  

Connecting Up offer a range of exclusive discounted products for not-for-profit: 

  • SRS is an Infoxchange product that supports case and client management, is used by nearly 4,000 services and stores over 4 million client records across Australia. 
  • CS.Net is a product that is designed to deliver case management and project records systems that fit the data and reporting requirements of organisations and their stakeholders.
  • Lumary is a cloud-based client management system, designed to help disability organisations comply with requirements of the NDIS, local government and funding reporting requirements. 

We have also seen a number of not-for-profit use and be satisfied with:

  • ActionStep is a client management system specialised for legal services, we have seen a range of legal centres successfully implement and utilise this system.

Customer/Constituent relationship management (CRM) systems

Customer/Constituent relationship management (CRM) systems track communications with constituents, fundraising activities, donors and/or membership status (important for peak bodies and membership-based organisations). There are a range of CRMs on the market designed for corporate organisations, with automated sales processes. Within the not-for-profit space, we have seen success when a system has been built for NFP processes, with only slight configuration is required. 

There are a range of products available depending on what you require of the system. Connecting Up offer a range of exclusive discounted products for not-for-profit:  

  • Blackbaud offer a range of CRM products to optimise your fundraising data management including eTapestry and Raiser' Edge NXT.
  • Nation Builder is a specialised advocacy and fundraising CRM designed for not-for-profit. Features include a fully-integrated website and supporter database, streamlined donations, and personalised email and texting. 
  • Keela is donor management software that allows you to manage donors, mobilise volunteers, market your organisation, and raise more funds. It is designed for starting out to medium sized organisations. 
  • Little Green Light is a cloud-based donor management software. From a single interface, you can manage donors, volunteers, members, alumni, events, and fundraising campaigns. LGL is design for smaller organisations, but still provides much of the same power that larger solutions do. 
  • Zoho CRM  offers contact/relationship management, lead tracking, sales pipelines and management, reporting and analytics, and marketing automation via four discounted plans (Standard, Professional, Enterprise & Ultimate, compared here - noting that the listed pricing is commercial) . There are also some AI features available on higher-tier paid plans, which also offer more complex and in-depth features. 

We have also seen a number of not-for-profit use and be satisfied with:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 is feature rich CRM system that offers advanced integrations with the Microsoft suite and is often more applicable for larger not-for-profits. A Microsoft Dynamics Partner who understands the not-for-profit sector is often critical to ensure the system works well. 
  • iMIS is an engagement CRM, designed to support membership, association and communication processes. iMIS has a flexible user dashboard, and membership portal that integrates into your website to empower your members. 
  • Salesforce is a very popular CRM, that have created a specialised not-for-profit module, the Not for Profit Success Pack (NPSP). This has been designed at no-cost to support the delivery of basic fundraising and stakeholder management. Salesforce offer eligible not-for-profit, 10 free licenses and discounted additional licenses. Check your eligibility and next steps here. A Salesforce Accredited Partner is vital to a successful implementation, we strongly recommend selecting a suitable partner that understands your not-for-profit requirements before implementing this product. 
  • Vega.Works is a all-in-one not-for-profit CRM, designed to support fundraising, membership, volunteer and program management needs. 

Finance systems

Financial management systems assist with financial management processes such as transaction histories, journal entries, tax management, payroll, supplier payments and bookkeeping, and are used to produce reports such as income statements, cash flow and balance sheets.

Connecting Up offer a range of exclusive discounted products for not-for-profit: 

  • Calxa is a financial system that is designed to simplify and automate the preparation of your financial reports, including budget generation and forecasting automation. Calxa integrates with MYOB, Xero and QuickBooks Online.
  • Link4 is a specialised invoicing system, designed to ensure suppliers are paid faster, administration time is reduced and advance your cash flow. This system will integrate into your cloud accounting software. 
  • MYOB accounting and payroll software packages helps you spend less time on bookwork, so you can spend more time delivering services to those who need it most. Connecting Up offer a range of discounted packages including Business Lite, Business AccountRight Plus, Business Pro, Business AccountRight Premier and Business Payroll Only.

We have also seen a number of not-for-profit use and be satisfied with: 

  • NetSuite is an advanced enterprise resource pricing (ERP) system, that will support both your accounting needs and advanced reporting functionality. We have only seen large organisations successfully utilise the full capability of this system. 
  • Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is built within the Microsoft Dynamics software, to support your accounting, and enterprise needs for small to medium organisations. A Microsoft Dynamics Partner is vital to configure this complex system to your not-for-profit needs.
  • TechnologyOne began its life as a finance system, expanding into an ERP solution including HR and payroll functionality. 
  • QuickBooks Online is a simple accounting software design for small businesses. This is a basic cloud-based system that can support small not-for-profit's financial requirements. 
  • Xero is a small to medium sized financials systems, that supports a wide range of integrations to support your organisation. Xero offer non-profit discounts to eligible organisations.

Human resources information systems

Human resources information systems collect and store staff data and assist with recruitment, performance management and professional development. For your hiring staff, HR role or HR team, this system can create great efficiency in a department that previously has had significant administration silos.

Connecting Up offer a range of exclusive discounted products for not-for-profit: 

  • 15Five have partnered with Connecting Up to deliver a discounted people and performance management system to improve engagement with your staff.
  • ELMO Software offers a customisable suite of cloud HR, payroll and rostering / time and attendance software solutions, suitable to meet a medium-large organisation's HR needs.

We have also seen a number of not-for-profit use and be satisfied with: 

  • BambooHR is a all in one HR system designed for medium-sized organisations, to reduce the administrative silos and allow your HR team to focus on employee development.
  • SubscribeHR is a HR automation system, to support your HR team and compliance requirements. 
  • Employment Hero is built for small to medium sized organisations to automate the end-to-end employee lifecycle journey. 
  • BreatheHR is an Australian based low cost HR solution, that can support both your HR and payroll processes. 

KPI Reporting, business intelligence and impact measurement systems

KPI reporting and business intelligence systems measure business metrics and assist with tracking and analysis, and impact measurement systems measure the impact of a program and can help identify opportunities and refine services. these systems require similar functionalities, that track different metrics to determine the success and impact of your organisation's strategic plan and theory of change. Connecting Up offer a range of exclusive discounted products for not-for-profits: 

  • Microsoft PowerBI - as part of the Microsoft 365 applications, PowerBI can connect to your existing spreadsheets, workflows and databases to combine, shape and clean data to analyse and report. Click here for more information on the Microsoft nonprofit program and eligibility. 
  • Tableau is designed to reduce time creating reports and combine, shape, and clean your data in preparation for analysis. Connecting Up have partnered with Tableau to offer exclusive discounts to Connecting Up members.
  • Google Looker Studio can enhance your data tracking, analysis, visualisation and dashboard creation. Looker Studio is part of the Google Suite, and supports a range of data inputs and integrations, to incorporate live and imported data into your business intelligence

Organisations with sophisticated requirements and good levels of data maturity may also be interested in Splunk which offers NFPs a one-year, 10GB license for Splunk Enterprise to all qualifying nonprofits at no cost, as well as complimentary eLearning (see an overview here) and support to get you up and running through their Splunk for Good program.

There’s also a range of other NFP products available – review the entire Connecting Up product range here.

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