Understand your systems with a digital technology assets register

A digital technology assets register can help with your decision making, planning and budgeting.
IT asset register template

There are many reasons you will need a record of the digital technologies your organisation owns. Keeping track of what you own, its capabilities, warranties and when it needs replacing, will be integral to any digital technology planning or budgeting you have to do. You may need an asset list for your insurer. If you want to hire external support, they will want to know exactly what equipment you have and the condition it’s in. And if something breaks and you want to know whether it’s under warranty, your asset list will tell you.

Making a digital technology asset list is a time-consuming but not particularly complicated task. You should record every important piece of technology infrastructure, information systems, digital marketing tools, and list of websites and social media. While the template doesn’t fully cover all the software licence details you might want to keep and isn’t designed to store configuration information you might need, it is a great starting point. We have assumed that peripheral items such as mice, keyboards and monitors don’t need to be recorded, but you can easily tailor the spreadsheet to store this sort of information as well if it is important.

The assets register template

You can use this template to record your digital technology assets. The templates includes:

  • PC information
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Information systems
  • Digital marketing
  • Cyber security
  • Digital strategy and governance

Download Digital Technology Assets Register


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