Discounted hardware, software & telecommunications

Connecting Up offers a variety of discounted new and refurbished hardware and software for eligible not-for-profit organisations.
Hardware, software & telecommunications

How to decide your next hardware purchase

When purchasing new hardware, or considering new software, there are a range of considerations.

First consider, which cloud computing software you are using, whether you are using Microsoft nonprofit program, Google nonprofit program or Dropbox. This will help determine which computer or tablet hardware is suitable to you. The following guides provide considerations when buying new hardware:

Connecting Up offer a range of discounted and refurbished hardware exclusive to not for profits:

Hardware management & cyber security software

Connecting Up offer a range of discounted user device management, network threat detection & alerts and information classification & security products to support your hardware:

If this is new to you, or exploring why these products are vital to your cyber security, this guide discusses this further - Why cyber security is so important

Telephony & video conferencing discounted products

Staff now have access to hardware, but now the next step will be to improve their collaboration and communiation needs. 

Online hosting platforms have been vital during the transition to work remotely, there is a guide to provide more information about enabling remote working in your workplace. Connecting Up have supported nonprofits by providing Zoom and MS Teams discounted software. 

Zoom has been the second most popular conferencing tool since the onset of COVID-19, besides the Basic plan, that includes unlimited 40 minute meetings at no cost, licenses can be costly. Connecting Up offer nonprofits a 50% discount to eligible organisations, you can be saving over $1,000 this financial year. 

Alongside this, Connecting Up partner Goodtel offers discounted prices for eligible not-for-profit organisations for  internet, mobile plans and cloud PBX phone systems.

Discounted on-premises networks & server hardware

If you manage your on-premise networks, Connecting up offer a range of discounted hardware options for nonprofits. If this is new to you, consider engaging a tech support provider to manage this on your behalf or reach out to Connecting Up and they will be able to help select a suitable product for your needs.


There’s also a range of other products available – review the entire product range here.


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