Microsoft Office product training for not-for-profits

Master the Microsoft Suite and elevate your team’s productivity with free and low cost training and tutorials
Training options for Microsoft Office products

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the ability to harness new technologies is critical for not-for-profits to amplify their impact. Dive into our free or low-cost training and tutorials on Microsoft Office to unlock the benefits of these tools and products to empower your team, polish your skills and propel your mission forward with these accessible, easy-to-follow and comprehensive training programs. 

Embark on a journey from Microsoft Office basics to mastery – whether you’re a beginner or seeking advanced knowledge, our courses cover the Microsoft Office suite, ensuring proficiency in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook and more.

Peruse the resources available that include learnings from the Kevin Stratvert Microsoft Training resources, Teacher’s Tech tutorials, Simon Sez’s IT course and more through our content platform here.

Our Microsoft Office training topics include

  • Microsoft Outlook: Setting up, customisation, create and sending mail, managing email, Outlook email management best practices, organising your inbox, contacts and tasks, Calendar, Outlook for iOS and Android, tips for automating, setting out of office and more
  • Microsoft Word: Setting up, writing and editing, formatting text, laying out pages, inserting tables, pictures and watermarks, saving and printing, sharing and co-authoring, dictation and editing with voice, converting Word to Powerpoint, creating PDFs and handy tips 
  • Microsoft Excel: Setting up, learning about rows, columns and cells, formulas and functions, formatting, tables and charts, pivot table and linking data types, 
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Setting up, learning about slides and layouts, text and tables, pictures and graphics, presenting slideshows, presentation design techniques, animation, video and audio, sharing and co-authoring, sum values with shortcuts, gantt charts, building search boxes and more  
  • Microsoft Teams: What is MS Teams, collaboration with teams, chat, sharing files, activity feed and search, getting your team up and running, go-to-guide for team owners, organising your teams lists and channels, inviting guests to Teams, how to create reminders and tasks from messages 
  • Microsoft features, tips and tricks to maximise your efficiency in a dynamic digital environment

Access all free Microsoft tutorial and training content here

Can I get Microsoft Office (and 365) for free as a not-for-profit? How much does Microsoft Office cost? 

The not-for-profit program has free and discounted options. Learn more about the program and eligibility criteria here. You can also access the web version of Microsoft Office for free as an individual.

How do I download and install Microsoft Office for free? 

The Microsoft Not-for-Profit program includes ten free Microsoft 365 Business Premium licences, which allows ten people to download and install Office. 

Do I need to learn cybersecurity as a nonprofit? 

Yes. All users of technology should be cyber stewards, no matter what your role and responsibility is. In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is paramount, particularly for nonprofits that hold sensitive personal and financial information. 

You can learn how to safeguard your nonprofit environment from cyber threats, whether you choose to use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, on our Connecting Up platform.


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