Achieving intermediate digital marketing

What counts as intermediate level digital marketing and how to get there.
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Achieving intermediate-level digital marketing should be a priority for most not-for-profits. Taking some time to invest in your online presence and to extend your capabilities to build and leverage supporters online will reap rewards for years to come.

In broad terms, intermediate digital marketing can be broken down into five main areas:


  • You have built and actively maintain an engaging website that tells your story, contains the information and tools you know users are looking for, and can be easily shared. Your website plays a critical role in attracting supporters and clients to your organisation.
  • Use not-for-profit Google Ad Grants to promote your work and services.

Email marketing

  • You have identified the purpose of your email marketing efforts, you track outcomes (such as click-through rates) and use an EDM tool such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor or similar.

Social media

  • You have a social media strategy that articulates why you use social media, which platforms you use and your targets.
  • You regularly post engaging content which is shared and liked by a good number of people. 

Events management

  • When you run events, either online (like webinars or remote fundraisers) or in-person events, you know how to advertise them within your existing networks as well as reach new audiences, and can communicate with attendees using event booking systems like Eventbrite or Trybooking. 
  • You can take and manage payments too.


  • You monitor relevant channels for appropriate grants and are relatively successful when you decide to apply.
  • You have processes in place to foster potential donors and leverage multiple social media platforms as well as email to strengthen your donor pipeline. You have a fundraising system in place

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