Achieving advanced information systems capability

Check out the benchmarks for achieving advanced-level capability for your organisation's information systems.
Achieving advanced level information systems capability

For most not-for-profit organisations, there are six areas of information systems capabilities that should be developed:

  1. Service delivery systems
  2. Digital service delivery
  3. KPI reporting and business intelligence
  4. Impact measurement
  5. Human Resources systems
  6. Finance systems.

To achieve advanced level information systems capability, organisations should aim for the following:

Service delivery system(s)

  • Our service delivery system is intuitive and works very for clients/members, staff and management and is flexible enough to meet future needs
  • Members and clients can access the information they need online
  • The system captures all the information needed to understand our services and effort for each client/member over time.

Digital service delivery

  • We deliver one or more important programs/services completely online
  • Staff and clients are very satisfied with our online services
  • We plan to deliver a greater proportion of our services online in the future.

KPI reporting and business intelligence

  • We use a sophisticated KPI reporting and business intelligence system that managers find essential to achieving targets and managing services.

Impact measurement

  • We have a robust, proven model for measuring our impact that is easy to use and convincing
  • We regularly review data to identify opportunities and refine our services.

Human resources information systems

  • Staff and managers are very satisfied with our HR systems, workflows and processes, including recruitment and onboarding
  • Our systems and processes can easily evolve to meet our future needs.

Finance systems

  • Our finance system is well positioned to meet our needs for the foreseeable future
  • Automated workflows minimise manual effort and reduce processing time
  • Sophisticated management reports enable effective financial management across the organisation.

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