Essential Data Resources

A list of curated resources for data experts looking to enhance data capability, demonstrate impact and need via evidence, and measure important indicators against benchmarks.
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Finding the right data to help measure impact can be hard for those working within the Australian not-for-profit (NFP) sector. From managing stakeholder and reporting requirements to deciphering intricate data sets, the journey towards leveraging data for impact can feel overwhelming.  

In the 2023 Infoxchange Digital Technology in the NFP Sector Report, only 29% of organisations reported they can “easily get the information needed to inform planning, improvement and reporting.” Only one in three organisations agreed that their data is easy to understand and use, and that data regularly guides decision-making across their organisation.  

The sector’s data capability is challenged, but strong data processes and practices are key to improving an organisation’s data maturity, which in turn generates stronger outcomes for the issues NFPs aims to solve.  

Amidst these challenges, there is great opportunity for growth and impact when NFPs can unlock the power of data to drive impactful change.  

In this non-exhaustive list, we provide access to some of the most utilised data resources that data experts use in their work to enhance data capability, access critical data to demonstrate need and impact via evidence, and measure important indicators against benchmarks.  

These resources have been curated by experts working specifically within child and youth focused areas.

You can access the full list below and via a downloadable PDF here.


Data governance tools
National population data  resources 

State Government Data Portals 

Data ethics tools 
Research data resources
Data maturity tools 
Practice Resources
AI resources 

This resource was curated by the Data Catalyst Network, a 40 member-strong network of data experts across Australian not-for-profits, university academics and government representatives collaborating to generate innovative ways to use data to create impact for disadvantaged child and youth. The network has been made possible through the support of the Paul Ramsay Foundation. 

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