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Tips, tools and resources to accelerate your data maturity journey.
data resources for not-for-profits

Australian NFPs are tasked with overcoming big challenges. Understanding data and how to utilise it for the power of good can greatly assist organisations in making data-driven decisions, and consequently help generate more impact for vulnerable communities and causes.  

In order to generate progress and impact, it is critical that organisations become data stewards, taking a whole-organisation approach to embarkcing on, or advancing, their data maturity journey. 

This toolkit aims to help organisations undertake that journey, and access the resources, data sources and insights that can improve NFP research and data collaboration, reducing siloes and improving the overall data capability of the sector.  

We will continue to add resources to stay up-to-date with this fast-evolving space, so look out for updates. 


Essential Data Resources: 

A curated list of resources for NFP experts looking to enhance data capability, demonstrate impact and need via evidence, and measure important indicators against benchmarks. 

See the full resource asset here.


Data Webinar Resources: 

A list of webinars led by data experts from the Australian not-for-profit sector and beyond to help staff of varying data capability levels embark on a data maturity journey. 

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