Are you an Australian not-for-profit who needs to increase (or build) your digital capability to better deliver your services and support your team? Do you want technology to help not hinder you? If so, the Digital Transformation Hub is for you.

We bring together practical guides, technology discounts specifically for not-for-profits and tailored advice to help you create an even greater impact.

Digital transformation stories

Can we help you?

If you know where your not-for-profit is having challenges, start with one of our guides. They will help you understand what it means to have basic, intermediate and advanced capabilities in these areas. You can self-assess where your organisation is at. In addition, we have collated guides, videos, training and third-party references related to each area so you can uplift your capabilities.

Tech Foundations

PCs, network, servers, telephony, email, file sharing and collaboration infrastructure

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Information Systems

Systems that support delivery of your services and measure your impact as well as your corporate systems

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Digital Marketing

Website, email/social media outreach, content production and fundraising systems

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IT Management

IT strategy/planning, budgeting, governance and disaster recovery/business continuity

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Cyber Security

Keeping your information safe with thorough information security & device management systems and processes

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Assess overall readiness

Take this 10 minute quiz to measure your organisational capability across these five domains.

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NFPs who are less than satisfied with their technology


NFPs who did not have the technology to adopt Work from Home


NFPs who have increased demand from COVID-19